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Why Roosters?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

There a two genders within the animal kingdom, males and females. Instead of painting people, I chose to paint birds.

When I painted David's face, I instantly saw a human like male personality through his eyes. It became clear to me that I could have a bit of fun with the concept. So given David was a heavy smoker, I added a cigarette to the composition. Everyone says, "sure he is smoking a cigarette..." I swear! It was meant to be a cigarette! But I am sure David smokes some dope too.

Over my life, I have come across some interesting men. So, I guess I am sort of teasing them in my art. I am not trying to be mean. On the contrary, I am being a playful. I mean guys talk about ladies as "chicks", so why can't ladies talk about men as roosters?

I do not think that every rooster is necessarily a dick. Most of the time, the word cocky implies a negative connotation.

My concept of the rooster is bird with a good sense of personality that can be felt. The attitude is so evident it is keeping your attention. Sometimes it is good and other times, it is bad, frustrating but strangely intriguing. But let's face it, men, just like women, with a good dose of personality, are much more memorable over time!

So really I am playing around and paying homage to all types of personalities out there. And it takes both sides of the coin to make the world turn around, the good and the bad. No one is perfect.

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