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Irina 1.0

rooster girlfriend 1.JPG

As I mentioned in the story of David, the original rooster, David felt he was a sex bomb. He was already in his 50's but he still felt it...


I admit, he was in good shape for his age. He would always go on about all the women that loved him over a cigarette... It was highly entertaining. What really got me was his confidence on how much they wanted him.



There was one in particular who he would keep referring to: his former girlfriend Irina. She was either Ukrainian or Russian, I cannot recall at this point. The usual suspects ha! David would go on about how much she was addicted to him! I am thinking goodness, there are a lot of desperate chicks out there, in this case, chickens. 

Even chickens flirt using their phones

As in any modern relationship, David and Irina would communicate using their mobile phones. This is why painted her taking a selfie of her lips on her phone. I never met Irina but my imagination definitely enjoyed depicting her concept. David and Irina are no longer together though. Surprise surprise!

Last thing to mention: 


This is the first version of Irina. I pained her when I had just settled into Luxembourg and was trying to get used to everything: the rain, the smallness and a new life. I guess I was feeling a bit out of place as my brush strokes are not as clean as in David.  I don't think this is my strongest painting but it surely is part of the Roosters and Art story. Check out Irina 2.0 as I am much happier about this version.

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