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Ever dream of being a star? Meet Sebastien the French Riviera Rooster. One could wonder whether Sebastien is wearing a parrot costume or if he is really a rooster living his cinematic dreams? Will he win the Cannes Film festival prize soon? If not this year then maybe the next? Is he even an actor? Who cares.

Sebastien the French Riviera Rooster is inspired by my dear friend living the permanent Rivera life in Cannes. He is one those roosters that has the wannabe film star thing nailed down to the max. In between selling really expensive villas to Russian oligarchs, he enjoys cocktails at the countless hotel beach bars along the croisette. As he soaks up the sun, he watches the rock-star yachts go in and out of the harbor. 

He keeps the sensitive guy kind of look - yet deep down, he is ready to charm the countless Russian, Italian and American chickens visiting the Riviera... They too, want to be stars! You may even find him walking a puppy...

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