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The Roosters Animated

This has been an idea I was holding in my pocket for a while and I am pleased to say that it is finally here. When I look at the roosters, I can see their mood and personalities right away. No, I am not a crazy artist standing in her house and talking to chicken paintings. I am simply feeling the energy of the interesting people I have met in my life and who have made me grow as a person. I think the more and more this planet destabilizes, we need to find sources of happiness and stability and art is exactly a great place for that.

The Rooster project has been inspired ans fuelled by people and energies that have caught my attention. Just like you and I, why should they be caught in a frame when they can be free go on adventures? Isn't that what life is all about?

So without further ado, check out the first pilot video of many to come:

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