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Sunset Roosters

sunset girl.jpg
sunset man.jpg

This diptych depicts David and Irina enjoying the sunset. Whether it is Roberto instead of David or Sally verses Irina, I think all of us can relate to these sunset roosters. 

Just recently I met my parents in Croatia for a little road trip. We rented a beautiful apartment just 10 minute drive to Dubrovnik with the best balcony view ever. Every night we would enjoy the beautiful sunset with a glass of wine. The range of colours was simply stunning. I could not stop taking pictures of it  and everyone else around me could not stop taking pictures either. Hence, the sunset roosters… 

I think everyone in the world, wherever they are, enjoys the beauty of a sunset.  It is really the most peaceful moment of the day. People, no matter how busy or wrapped up in their lives, can stop for a moment  and appreciate. 

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