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David, the Original Rooster

david on white clean.jpg

David, who the heck is David? Why is he a rooster?

He is a rooster. In fact, he is a real person living in Prague. That is where we met.

"I am the mayor of Argentina"


Funny enough, it was me who starting talking to him at first. I was sitting at a bar eating dinner when I had heard a man talking to another man in English. He seemed like he was up to something fishy, so I said " you are like a mafioso, what's up?" He turned to me and introduced himself, "Hi I am David and I am the mayor of Argentina". "Oh really, is that true I said"? And this is how the story began...

We would meet up for a coffee once in a while


We would meet up for a coffee once in a while. David would tell me about his life. I would listen and be friendly. David was smart. He had worked in European countries within international affairs. He had a son. You could sense that he was caring father and it was nice to listen to him speak about his son. But like every coin, there is two sides - David also felt he was a sex bomb. He was in his 50's! He would always go on about all the women that loved him over a cigarette... It was highly entertaining.

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