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Contemporary Rooster Art Collection

The characteristic rooster and chicken paintings are Alicja's most popular. Both David the rooster and Irina the chicken (the rooster's girlfriend) have iPhones. The rooster, like any man, displays, a nonchalant attitude, while his girlfriend keeps flirting. 

david on white clean.jpg
chicken on white.jpg

Humans share a lot more with animals than they admit. What distinguishes us is mainly our ability to communicate. Otherwise, we are very much the same.

karl edited with white.jpg

I painted Karl the rooster in memory of my favourite fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, who recently passed away in February. Next to him, is his greatest love, his cat Choupette. Karl, like any great artist (although arguably one the greatest designers of all time) was one with a strong and defined personality. Oh, we'll always have Karl. 

fabby with white.jpg

Up next is Fabrizio the the 'Coque-tail' Rooster. Fabrizio's specialty is in the martinis. He is also often wearing clothing that is daring in terms of design. The night I met Fabrizio, he was wearing black and white striped pants and he would not let me go home until I had another drink. Originally Italian, Fabrizio can often be found among  chickens ;)

sebastien 2.jpg

Ever dream of being a star? Meet Sebastien the French Riviera Rooster. One could wonder whether Sebastien is wearing a parrot costume or if he is really a rooster living his cinematic dreams? Will he win the Cannes Film festival prize soon? Is he even an actor? Who cares. The French Riviera Rooster is inspired by my dear friend living the permanent Rivera life in Cannes. For more, check out the Riviera Rooster. 

oliver smooth.jpg

I originally painted David while I was temporarily staying at Oliver's house between my stint working in Prague and my current life in Luxembourg. Oliver had a pad for himself close by to where I used to live. He was just a bit further up the area. It was a funky place filled with furniture and music. Oliver was happy to take care as well. He was the type of guy that just does that. For more check out Oliver's World.

edited beathoven rooster_1  smaller.jpg

Up next is my Beethoven tribute. Beethoven is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time. As a young girl, I grew up  playing classical piano. One of the first great pieces I learned to play was the Fur Elise.


It was funny, because one night,  I decided to paint a rooster's head as opposed to  the whole body. I really did not know I would paint Beethoven. In the end, I felt this rooster captured Beethoven's tormented soul quite well. Oh, we will always have Beethoven.

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