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Late but never too late, the Rooster Vernissage playlist

Excuse my lateness...

What is life and art without good music? I should have hate to published this link a LONG time ago but life got in the way and then COVID-19 !!! What else can I say that is not obvious here?

So with that being said, check out the tunes that were playing from the first ever rooster show held at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg here.

You may ask why these tunes?

I choose my music based on its good energy, memories and my general affinity to the beats and lyrics. I cannot stand music played on the radio, so I am usually tuned into YouTube, Hotel Costes live stream and Spotify premium!!! Some tunes discovered while painting, others while running around doing errands, others while sipping cocktails in great cities like Paris or New York...

Got it!

Yes sir/ mam! Never forget to make time to listen to good music whether you are in the car or in the gym etc. It's only upside to your mental health.

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