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Santa Rooster is Here

Well if there is one thing I enjoy every year is the Christmas season. In fact, I made this a year ago but never released it into the public. Luckily, Santa is a timeless dude. He is portrayed as the innocent grandpa but frankly, with so much demand around the world, he must be just a little bit proud...

With the pandemic this year, Christmas is not obvious though. But what I think will make a difference is that we all try to find the little things in the season that make us happy. Whether it be the cheesy gift wrapping or the 100th time we watch "Love Actually", who cares. For example, I love the fact that everyone just takes a moment away from complaining about life to wishing everyone else a Merry Christmas. It is such a small thing, but makes society just that more together. And in tough times like these, every little small act of kindness makes a tonne of difference.

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