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Who the heck is David?!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I want to have fun with this project as much as you want to have fun with discovering my roosters. So let us start with the basics. David, who the heck is David? Why is he a rooster?

Let's start with David.

He is a rooster. In fact, he is a real person living in Prague. That is where we met.

"I am the mayor of Argentina"

Funny enough, it was me who starting talking to him at first. I was sitting at a bar eating dinner when I had heard a man talking to another man in English. He seemed like he was up to something fishy, so I said " you are like a mafioso, what's up?" He turned to me and introduced himself, "Hi I am David and I am the mayor of Argentina". "Oh really, is that true I said"? And this is how the story began...

We would meet up for a coffee once in a while

We would meet up for a coffee once in a while. David would tell me about his life. I would listen and be friendly. David was smart. He had worked in European countries within international affairs. He ended up in Prague for his son. You could sense that he was caring father and it was nice to listen to him speak about loving his son. But like every coin, there is two sides - David also felt he was a sex bomb. He was already in his 50's. I admit, he was in good shape for his age. He would always go on about all the women that loved him over a cigarette... It was highly entertaining.

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